Cross Platform Tracking

Unify user activity data across mobile & web. Get an overview of how users behave between web, mobile, and other platforms, evaluate & compare user data from across all platforms in a unified interface to know how users move through funnels on different platforms and devices.

Understand User Behavior

Build better products by understanding who your users are, what their interests are, and how to keep them coming back. Segment users by location, install source, and platform to see how different types of users behave. Identify drop-off points, retention drivers and detractors. Make intelligent decisions based on insights to convert and retain your customers and bring in increased revenues.

Strong Data Insights

Powerful insights using funnel/cohort analysis, SQL queries, aggregations and path analysis made easily available in a comprehensive interface. Make data-informed decisions with Intuitive, easy-to-use analytics; iterate, enhance, and act fast to stay ahead of the competition.

High Scalability

Track exhaustive amounts of data to make optimal product and business decisions. Get multiple insights instantly without having to slow down employee productivity. Scale to billions of monthly events without sacrificing query performance.

Predictive Analytics

Make data-science easier for your marketers. Build powerful models (regression, time series, etc.) using R/SQL on your Big Data. Use those insights to enable your marketing team to take informed business decisions by predicting future user activity.