Gamooga for Stock Broking Websites/Apps

Smooth lead nurturing and conversion process established through powerful user journey builder


Personalized retargeting reduces acquisition cost by 50%

Akash goes online to search for good stock trading options & lands on He browses through the website but leaves without opening an account. He goes onto browsing his Facebook where he sees a personalized Ad of asking him to open his trading account. He lands back on their website and opens his account.


Consistent nurturing of leads with personalized Emails and SMS improves engagement by 3X

After opening the account, Akash browses Infra related stocks and leaves the site without trading. Because of the engagement program setup by ‘abcsecurities’ to nurture prospects like Akash, he receives a series of Emails and SMS over the span of next 20 days. On day 0 he receives an email about the process to get started, on day 2 he receives an email with recommendations on Infra related stocks, on 10th day he receives a browser push about stock market favorites on that day, on day 20th he receives an SMS to download the App and get 10% off on his first stock purchase. The SMS catches his attention and he downloads the App to explore stock options.


Send right message at the right time via the right channel to improve conversions by 40%

After downloading the App, Akash browses through the options and adds a few stocks to his watchlist but exits without trading. Next day, he receives a push notification about 5% drop in the price of one of the stocks in his watchlist. He clicks on the notification and lands back on the App to purchase the stock with price drop.


Proactively engage ‘about to churn’ customers for 75% reduction in App churn rate

Akash makes a loss on his last stock and ends up uninstalling the App. After not being back on the app for two weeks now, he has been identified as a user that might have churned or is about to churn. He is targeted on priority with a push-notification offering him free brokerage for one month. After the push notification fails to get delivered to Akash, the same message is converted into an SMS with a deep link to install the App. Akash comes across the offer in his SMS inbox, clicks on the App link and lands on Playstore to download the App again.