Gamooga for Travel & Hospitality Industry

Overall revenue enhanced through hyper-personalized omni-channel marketing approach


Target pop-up website banners at the ideal moment for 30% increase in activation rate

Ana lands on a popular travel & hospitality site to search for flight options for an upcoming extended weekend. While she’s browsing through options, she gets a pop-up banner offering her 10% off on her first booking on registering with them. She fills the form and registers to enjoy extra discount on her flight booking.


Increase website sessions by 50% by hyper-personalizing browser push notifications

After browsing through few options, she checks the timings and price of a particular flight, but leaves the website without booking. Within a few minutes, she receives a browser push notification informing her about limited seats left on her preferred flight. She clicks on the notification, lands back on the website and completes the booking.


Personalization improves email open rate by 25%, click rate by 40% and thereby overall conversions by 20%

Within few hours of booking her flight, Ana is retargeted through a personalized email. She receives hotel recommendations for the same city she is travelling to with additional discount. She goes through the email, clicks on one of the hotel options and confirms booking on website using her exclusive discount.


Deliver loyalty program emails at user’s optimal moments of influence to improve engagement by 40%

After few bookings, Ana has been identified as a premium customer. After a week, she receives an email during her usual active hours offering her free cancellation for 1 year by paying a nominal amount. She likes the idea of saving her money on cancellation, clicks on the email and lands on the website to purchase the free cancellation pack.