Gamooga for News & Article Websites

Convert & engage readers with a customized user journey based on behavioral data


Contextual messaging delivered in real-time improves user activation by 50%

Rakesh is an avid news follower, primarily interested in catching updates on political affairs. He comes across an interesting headline online and lands on a news website after clicking on it. As soon as he clicks on ‘page 2’ tab of the story, he sees a pop-up banner asking him to register with the news website in order to read the story further. He is interested to know the complete story, so fills his details in the form and registers to continue reading.


Relevant content recommendations shown at user’s optimal moments can drive higher engagement

Around the same hour when Rakesh had visited website the previous day, he receives a web browser push notification recommending him of a news story that he might be interested in. Content recommended to him was based on his past browsing history and preferences. Rakesh clicks on the browser push notification and lands back on the website. Just as he is about to finish reading the story, he sees a personalized banner offering more news story recommendations that keep him engaged.


Contextual messaging delivered in real-time improves chances of conversion by 25%

While browsing the website, Rakesh is often interrupted by pop-up Ad banners and videos. As he tries to close one of these Ads, he sees a personalized pop-up banner asking him to go Ad free by buying premium subscription. The banner also displays additional benefits of going premium. He is shown the banner everytime he closes an Ad and after a week, he is retargeted with the same message through email. He finally clicks on the email and purchases the premium subscription.


Modify user journeys in real-time to target users based on their changing browsing behavior, location, etc.

Rakesh has not been visiting the news website too often from past one week. Through geo-targeting he has been located as travelling between cities. The same week he receives an SMS with a link to download the News App and stay updated with latest news even on the go. Rakesh clicks on the link and lands on Playstore to download the App.